Who is Jeannine?

Dr. Jeannine Skinner was a bright shining star making an impact in the lives of many. She quietly navigated through life with dreams as big as the ocean. Sadly those dreams ended in September 2017.

Dr. Skinner joined UNC-Charlotte in the fall of 2016 and quickly established herself as a valuable member of the UNC Charlotte community.  She was widely regarded by faculty and students as a dedicated professor and mentor who fostered an inclusive and open classroom learning environment. 


Dr Skinner was doing important research that held tremendous promise to improve the lives of older adults.  Her research focused on physical, psychological, social and environmental predictors of cognitive aging, particularly in minority geriatric populations.

Wings of Jeannine!

The bracelet, Wings of Jeannine is a symbolic expression of who Jeannine was. She had such a youthful angelic, soft presence yet was a force of nature making an impact. So it seemed benefiting to create something that would represent her presence here on earth along with her flight and mission into the next realm.​

Wings representing flight, a stone representing earth and” J” representing Jeannine.​

If we look around, we all have a Jeannine in our lives - A woman who embodies grace, is our own personal wonder woman, trailblazing through life with a great cause; leaving an imprint on those whom she touches.​

Wings of Jeannine is for every woman like that, for every woman who aspires to leave a mark and for those whom illuminate from the stars.

Why 3?

Seeing angel number 3 is a sign that the Ascended Masters are working on your behalf. The number 3 is the number of the Trinity and an auspicious sign for anyone, especially for light workers and those who are involved with spiritual development.

Angels numbers are communications from our guardian angels intended to provide us with the guidance and encouragement needed to achieve our aims.  

Giving: Buy 1,2,3, or 20 for the women in your life. Gift a woman with Wings of Jeannine and call her to the tribe of others who blaze a trail. Have wings of Jeannine parties and celebrate your prowess.

Giving: We will give every time you give. A portion of your purchase will go towards Jeannine's endowment fund.

Giving: Every time you give the gift of "Wings of Jeannine", you're empowering a woman owned business to blaze a trail and leave an imprint.

Wings of Jeannine.jpg

You are my wings

You represent my empowering

My transforming

And evolving

My darkness rising

And light shining

You are my wings

My wings of Jeannine

by Lisa H. Thomas