The Dalton Series is a combination of Wood and Hematite Beads and Gemstones to create the perfect blend!  This collection speaks volumes for the Honorable man that exhibits Commitment, Dedication and Loyalty!  He walks bold in the eyes of the creator and confidently knows who he is and whose he is!  The man that wears a piece from The Dalton Series exudes a confidence that's not cocky, but that is sure of what and who he stands for!


Power is for the sophisticated and reserved gentleman by nature.  He is affluent and materiailistic with a fondness towards luxurious objects.  The richness in this bracelet represents his wealth, power and ambition! 


Power is made of Wood Beads and Hematite Accents.  The Wood Beads represent the roots of the man wearing this bracelet. The natural fibers of wood that are strong in tension and embedded in a matrix of lignin that resists oppression and the heaviness of the world. The hematite represents the healing that he needs in the face of darkness. The healing that can't be seen on the outside, but that is needed daily as he fights for his place in the world!